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what a crazy day

I peaced out of the S.I.C. a little early so I could catch the Live8 action on the steps of the Art Museum. What a show, Steve Wonder was bananas, even if he did have annoying Rob Thomas and Adam Levine sing with him. Heck even Destiny's Child let the rotating member sing a little. I am also sure all the people that paid money for the DMB show later this week will be happy he played before a million people for free today, because after all it was a good cause.

Ok, I am totally lying. I watched it on TV. It was still kinda good. I took 95 all the way around the city on the way home to avoid the travelling mass of free concert-goers and sat in the cool comfort of my air conditioned lab watching the festivities.

How was the vacation? Well, it was overcast every flippin day and I didn't get to the beach once. Which is just about par for the course when it comes to me and my vacations. I did go to the $1 for 3 taco night at the O.D. so that was good.

My sister bought me a pair of yellow sneaker while I was away. Yellow sneakers. They are totally scene and while I appreciate the sentiment and the fact that it is the first time in 25 years she ever randomly bought me something,it does pose some problems. Namely the fact that myself and every other color-blind individual tend to stay away from loud colored articles of clothing for the simple fact that I can't tell if I look like an idiot or not, which usually means I look like an idiot. Oh, and I have the sneaking though un-confirmed suspicion that she is trying to get my parents on Trading Spaces. She is truly evil.

I didn't go to see War of the Worlds because, well, I am an agoraphobic. I did read what happens over at The Movie Spoiler, so I really don't need to see it anyway. Ratner is still an idiot, now he is trying to cast someone to , on the worst characters in X-Men history for X3. Of all the freaking characters. Dude is an idiot.


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Dude, tacos are awesome. Yellow shoes are in. New site design looks hot. PeaCe OuT.
- Beau

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