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they're back

The NHL lockout is over, my need for violence will be filled this winter. I am happy. In other sports news, the Philadelphia media, and our fair city's about Bobby Abreu setting some records in his in the MLB All-Star Shame home-run competition. My first thought was that good ole Bobby would have hit 0 home-runs if there was anyone standing on base. Its all well and good that dude can rock the ball when there is nothing but endorsements and a mention on SportsCenter on the line, but if I am in a big game and I need a clutch hit, Abreu is the last guy I want at the plate. That is the last mention of baseball you will see at H-List until the Fighting Phils ownership grows a set and kicks GM Ed Wade to the proverbial curb. Oh yeah, I saw Abreu on this profile they did of his NYC penthouse digs on Comcast SportsNet last week. The whole interview and subsequent walk through his apartment, he had one on those annoying Bluetooth wireless headsets on and was wearing, an I shit you not, see through shirt. The most awful, Jose Canesco shirt the 80s has every produced. I was forced to change the channel since I have no desire to see man nipples.

Umm, how does? Someone from Money should be polishing his/her resume right about now. On a side note, I did date this bipolar chick from Wexford in college, funny enough, I wish she never existed either.

Its been a while since I freaked about old people driving. Why do they drive so slow? In my narrow, slightly skewed viewpoint, they should be the ones driving fast. Reason 1, they should be weaving in and out of traffic, because at this point what else do they have to lose? Reason 2, they walk slow, you would think that would want to make it up on the road, right? Reason 3, I mean how much time do they have left, you would think they would try to do everything as fast as possible?


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