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monday, monday

I lead a pretty boring life. My job provides 80% of the excitement of my life, and the other 20% has no excitement at all. Yeah, I know it makes no sense at all but I am going with it... Shut up. I am still convinced that Laguna Beach is not real. I mean how can it be? I mean the production on it destroys even the dramas that the WB is putting out. What kind of cameras are these dudes lugging around following these high school kids around. I skipped going to the beach this weekend and instead moped around my house all day wishing I wasn't agoraphobic or had a girlfriend or something. But today is monday and it is a new week and I am one weekend closer to the nursing home and the weird smells (like formaldyhyde and bed pans) that accompany it. I for one am not looking forward to being elderly, I mean the pureed food and the bingo are pretty appealling. But I don't know if I can handle the sitting around watching some weirdo at a piano conducting a sing-a-long with a bunch of zombies in wheelchairs that can stare at a salt shaker for like an hour on end. Plus all that Wheel of Fortune, I hate the effing Sajak. Who is the genius that told him he can conduct a talk show when his only on-screen qualifications are telling Vanna what letter the contestants said to turn.

They* launched today. The name is kind of hard to say. It looks like it might not be that bad, but it is doubtful that I can deal with the annoying pink background. I don't think that they can pull off reports of Eagles fans throwing snowballs with batteries in them at Santa Claus with a pink background. I don't think that would work. I am proud of being from Philadelphia, but I am glad I stopped pronouncing water, wooder. I sounded like an idiot.

Am I the only on who is baffled with the Paris Hilton+Paris Latsis thing. I mean do they call each other Paris or what. I always feel weird addressing someone that has the same first name as me so I can only imagine what the hell they do. This is further evidence that rich people are strange, any normal not filthy rich person would automatically disqualify any potential significant other that has the same first name. I mean what do you do when you call their place? Is Paris There? Not not you Paris, the other Paris. I mean are they both gonna have the same name when they get married? Too fucking weird. I don't know why I even think of such things, that is why I am lowly blogger instead of someone with significantly higher social status.

Did anyone catch Surreal Life? Holy crap that Gary Busey is one odd bird. I could definitely watch a show with only him. Dude is not operating on the same plane of existance as the rest of us. I had a link on the first incarnation of H-List like 5 years for and the webmaster cat sent me an email thanking me. Mr. Joshua indeed.

*They being the Gothamist Empire


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