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Okay it goes like this. I recently quit my job. Nothing earth shattering, I am leaving on good terms. The thing is, when I gave my notice, I in all honestly thought they would just say, "good luck, you can leave". In the past 4 years that I have been there, anytime someone quit, they just let them clean out their desk and peace out. But not for me, I had to come in an extra week for no other purpose than to deny me a week sitting my deck overlooking the bay at the shore house. But hey, I offered 2 weeks, I should be glad they only made me do one. So what does a lame duck employee do in his last week? Well, today I had to get up and fight traffic to answer the damn phone and shred paperwork like I was some kind of intern at Enron. It is going to be the longest week ever.Everyone is asking me if I am short timer. I am like what the eff that that mean. If it means I just go in to work and sit in my office an look at the scene kids on and read in preparation for my Jeopardy appearance, then yes I am.

That show with Phoebe on HBO, The Comeback, is so horrible I can't believe it got greenlighted. Total torture televison [total unnecessary use of illiteration]. It is like something the military would make the prisoners at Gitmo watch. Who else saw the Real World Austin premiere? I haven't seen a beating in the street that bad since 1992.

Okay, is anyone actually going to go to Live 8? I know I sure as hell will be as far away from that mess as possible. How the hell are they going to have a concert that big in front of the Art Museum? I was too young to remember the last Live Aid concert, all I remember was that it was at the old JFK Stadium. That place was flippin huge. My parents used to take me to some show with motorcylce cops doing stunts there I think. I repressed those memories. I do remember that Hands Across America thing, but all I can recollect was standing in some field with my parents and a thousand other idiots holding hands.

I need to grab some new kicks. The place I usually go to is Ubiq on Walnut street, but I always feel like a douche there. It is on the total scene block, where you have your hipster stores, like Puma and Diesel. When I am down there, I am always in a suit for work, so all the little scenesters look at me like a complete tool.

I remember when came out on video. It was the summer and me, Timmy, and the Geek thought we were expert rollerbladers, and out on some sick jumps. I was stupid. I used to think that chick in the movie was the epitome of hotness. That is until I saw her on Boy Meets World show, where she played some teenage single mother. I associated her with chick with baggage from that moment on.

New X3 rumors have hit the internet, this time around there will be . Which I like because he always seemed to me to be an annoying character. I automatically don't like things that only have 3 digits per hand/foot. I have this uncle who is missing a couple of fingers. He lost them in some kind of industrial accident. Weird thing is that his daughter, my cousin, went and stuck her hand in a fan and had the same 2 fingers cut off. Don't know if she did it on purpose. It wouldn't suprise me, if you grow up in a house where there is a collection of all the special editon cans of PBR (before PBR was hip again), anything is possible. Is it me or does everyone have a branch of their familly in which there seems to be a missing chromosome. You know where everyone is butt-ass ugly and lives their life in some alternate reality where a good restaurant is Old Country Buffet and giving someone the same sweatshirt with an iron-on cat every year is their idea of a good christmas gift.

What was your favorite house of the sitcoms when you were growing up? For me it is toss-up between Silver Spoons and Webster. The train and that remote control front door that Ricky Stratton rocked were pretty sweet, but I would probably have to go for Webster. They had that house where he had all those trap doors, like the one time burglars tried to rob his 4 foot ass after his parents went away. He elluded them for the whole half an hour using his trap doors. I dig trap doors.

Okay now I am rambling.


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favorite sitcom house? who's the boss. two words: alyssa milano. i'm down with any house that has her in it. and it's ok to say that b/c i was only like 12 when that show was on the air.

I still like Candace Cameron from Full House. I was so happy when her tits started to show.

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