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i'm off

For my vacation for a week, in the S.I.C., I will be alternately sitting on the beach and my deck overlooking the bay. I will be thinking about all you sorry saps sitting in your cubicles all week dealing with annoying people. I am all ready to go, I got my case of Fiji Water, my case of Hoegaarten, a bunch of DVDs, and an iPod full of podcasts.

Holy crap, I didn't know was illegal? I grew up working in an ice rink and I didn't think you could drive a Zamboni without doing a shot of Old Grandad first, what is the world coming to? Old A**hole George would be mighty pissed about not being able to get sauced up before a nice ice cleaning.

has the for . You heard it here first, this will be THE BEST and most controversial movie based on a comic book ever. Even if Natalie Portman is bald. The King Kong is up. Can the killer cast save this one? I doubts it. Deserted Island, prehistoric animals, crooked-ass individuals looking for a profit, didn't Spielberg already do this one?

Got my t-shirts from today. I can say the most comfortable shirts ever. Gotta run.


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