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DIY Team Zissou Adidas Shoes

ZissoushoeWell, my search for the Team Zissou kicks has been without success. So, I have a do it yourself guide to making Team Zissou shoes. I know my methods are rather ghetto, but as has said, it is doubtful these things are even available. As you can tell I have nothing to do on my vacation.

Adidasrom1. You start out with a pair of Adidas Rom Classics with blue stripes. These are available at many different places online.

2. You then go out and buy some pale blue paint and paint the middle stripe. I personally can't tell if it is light blue or silver, but do what you think looks better. Damn colorblindness.

Casualyellowrnd3. The last step is buying a pair of yellow shoelaces, and putting them into the newly styled shoes. If you are really adventurous, you could white out the Rom text and write Zissou in there instead.

Is I have said previously, this is way hood-fabulous, but what else to I have to do on my day off. Good luck.



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‘Life aquatic with Steve Zissou’ is de grappigste film die ik dit jaar heb gezien. Het is een bizar verhaal over Zissou, een soort kruising tussen Cousteau en kapitein Ahab, die met zijn filmcrew op jacht gaat naar de mysterieuze...

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I wish there was a better way to get the Zissou on there, any one proficient in sewing maybe?

I think that on the real Adidas kicks, the lettering written in gold is screen printed, not actually sewn. So I don't know if that would work.

It looked to me like the center stripe was more light blue than silver.

You could very well be right and the center stripe light blue. I am seriously color blind so it wouldn't suprise me. Then you would just use light blue paint instead.

I am going to do this today!!! Have you had any luck with the real thing yet?

I have been so busy with the holidays and end of year stuff that I haven't had the chance. If you do it and take pics and don't have a website, send them to me and I will put them up for everyone to use. Good luck and thanks for visiting!

just curious, did you do anything to the soles to make it look yellower? just askin cuz your pic's soles look way more yellow then the stock pic.

I've been looking for these Rom Classics with blue and white, and all they have are these shitty ass remakes. Can someone post or send me a website where I can buy them? That would be super thanks.

www.zappos.com sells all kinds of adidas

....When did the zissou store run out of the model and are they gonna make more

zappos doesnt have the kind needed do u no ne other websites for the roms

Hey mjfarsi, so kind of you to advertise your Eday(?) auction for free on my site. Why don't you send a picture of your custom shoes so we can all see what they actually look like? Anyone can put up a screencap from the film.

Hey, I talked to adidas about this, and here is the letter...enjoy!


Thanks for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your interest in our company.

Unfortunately, the Zissou is a "one-off" custom model made especially for that project and it will not be available for sale. The Zissou actually is a version of the ROM, with "zissou" on the side in place of "rom".

then they give a list of links of adidas vendors... this might be the final "official" word?

dave... in the movie they say that they were discontinued in 1987. I think that the item listing on the team zissou store is kind of a tongue-in-cheek joke.

I've been in contact with Adidas, and this is the last response I got:

We have started a tally for all the requests of the Zissou to hand off to our Originals footwear group....wish list or petition, I'm not quite sure! A lot of requests have come in already, hopefully we'll make a big splash.

If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at 1-800-448-1796 or by replying to this email at [email protected] We are here Monday through Friday 7AM to 6PM (Pacific Time). Thank you for your pursuit of the adidas brand. It's always great to hear from customers who share our passion for sports and the sporting lifestyle.

Consumer Relations
adidas America
[email protected]

I realize it's counter to the exclusive nature of sneakerheads to advertise about how to get some hot kicks, but I figure if we get the word out, and Adidas gets a bunch of requests for the shoe, maybe it'll see the light of day.

can someone post a link to a place that has the ROMs with gum soles? most of the new roms have red soles and i think the silver stripe and yellow laces would look pretty lame on the new soles.


hello! i would like a pair of these shoes in 11.5 ...if you live in scottsdale, i could either drive down and give you straight cash for them, but if you perfer paypal payment, thats fine too...lemme know i'm in phoenix.

my email: [email protected]


Yo JP,

How much of a kick back is this Mehdi dude giving you for selling his shoes via your website. That's a pretty sweet deal.


That dude isn't giving me anything, that is why I deleted his comments.

Here you go.


It would be cool to know of a place where I could get a pair of white/blue ROMs in US size 9. I've been searching for awhile now and can't seem to find anything.
Anyone know of a source?

i've been having a hell of time trying to find my size as well...i need a 10.5 to 11, but all are pretty sold out, except for the roms with the red gum bottom. yuck...

PLUS i wouldn't trust that mjfarsi guy on the ebay either. i emailed him a few times for a REAL pic of his life aquatic shoes...and he wouldn't give me one, UNLESS i sent him money first...talk about scammers. thos' fuxx!

Here's a pair in US size 8.5 if anyone is interested (of course you'll have to pay for international shipping...)


here's a quick question...how do you remove the adidas Rom/Rekord gold logo from the shoe..?? maybe scrape it off with an exacto knife...there's gotta be an easier way yea??

hey, my roms that i bought off of ebay (not those fake remakes) just arrived and they seem like the perfect base. the guy who was selling them is in the uk...maybe they just don't market the blue stripes with the gum sole in the states? anyway, does anyone know where i can get some good yellow laces?

pretty much any sport shoe store should have them..only thing is...sometimes they have thos fatty ones, witch is also hood fab-o-lous...humm hmm..

You beats me to it Ronbo.

Hi, i own a pair of the Team Zissou shoes from the movie The life aquatic with steve Zissou and here is a place with a good choice of yellow shoe laces http://www.lacesforless.com/Shoelaces.asp
i love shoes i always have ever since i could remember, and if you are on this site you most likely have the same feeling about shoes as i do, but that web site again ishttp://www.lacesforless.com/Shoelaces.asp
good luck!!!

Hi, i have noticed that lots of you are worried about finding the white with blue strips roms, but the truth is the color of blue in those doesn't match the Zissou's both of the blues in the teams shoes are light blue just like their outfits, sure one is darker, but it isn't as dark as the normal blue striped Adidas, also in getting the blue striped adidas the E.V.A has a blue layer in it where as the Zissou's do not, what i did was i bought the all white ROMS (here) ....http://robertwayne.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=518
and i went to my local hobby store to buy this speacal paint just for painting white shoes, and it doesn't even look like paint in the least bit, and yes i also went over the rom and wrote ZISSOU with this gold paint pen, bought my yellow laces, and it looks more than perfect!!! so look up shoe paint, don't just use normal paint, but yeah i would sugest buying the all white ROMs and this web site seems to have a range of siveshttp://robertwayne.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=518

r u kidding me? get a life u fucking geeks.

Hey you fucker, fucking get over yourself, that post doesn't make you cooler than anybody else. If you think you're so much cooler than everybody else, i ask you to post what you do that is so fucking cool!because my bet is on that you are a low class mother fucker that sits on his ass all day! and the only reason i'm useing this low class language is because i want to get my point across to you! And thats seems to be what you like! so peace bitch

I got a pair of white/blue ROMs in Los Angeles at Melrose Sports Gear. Not sure if they do mail order or not.



I find it pathetic you took offense to 'the man.'

I work at JCPenneys in Texas, and we currently have a girl version of Classic's with two blue stripes and a pale blue one in the middle. It looks pretty similar, I think... They come with white laces so you'd have to buy yellow ones. I haven't looked at the sole yet to see if it's as yellow as the Zissou ones, but it's probably as close as you'll come direct from the factory.

Sadly to say, the guys version is a dark blue with a mid-blue stripe in the middle. Oh well...

If you want info on how to order them, I can do it over the phone at my job, so just email me at [email protected]

Yeah, when I take catalogue orders like that, I won't ask for your credit card or anything. I just get your address and the address of the place you are shipping it to, but I would be fired and sued if I did anything with the info, so this is a legitimate offer. You might be able to find them in our catalogue itself without calling me, but I'm supposed to get two orders a week, so it'd help me out...

Where is a website located which sells blue striped ROMs? I am in need. Where is the website which carriers shoe paint? I must finish this concoction!

Hi there. I'm also having a hard time finding Blue Striped ROM's online. Can anyone please help. Thanks.

i found the white /blue /gum roms from a uk store called kitbag.com,im gonna try and make the zissou's when i get them

hey go to google search Life Aquatic with steve zissou. Go to the official page, then go to sotre zissou they have the shoes and speedos have fun....

there straight up impossible to find, adidas is a bunch of crooked fuckers

way to steal this from vapors magazine, joker!

Are you effing kidding me? Vapors took this from me. They didn't credit me? Not cool at all. I have a email interview trail that I would be more than happy to post if you believe I took this from that crappy magazine. Who the hell reads Vapors Magazine anyway.

Want more proof? Well, this was posted December 28th. When was the vapors magazine story out? Idiot.

I made the zissou shoes for from the new ones with the red sole and they look pretty good. they match my red cap.

I mixed up some acrylic paint for the middle stripe and that worked out well. all I need are some yellow laces but I can't find them anywhere. I saw those fat ones but those pretty much suck.

I can only find the red rom's in my size. any other websites that might have a size 12 in the white or blue. these things are impossible to get.

If you wear size 10.5 and are willing to pay a good $300 for them? because that is what these look alike shoes will sale for.

My friend sells the customized shoes for about $100 on eBay. Her selling name is belizabeth213 if you want to do a search. You can email her through eBay to make special requests for sizes. She sells pairs of the shoes one at a time. Enjoy!

I knew if I was going to find a pair of White Adidas Roms with Blue Stripes and Gum Soles I would find it in NYC. I found a pair in my size (9 US, 8.5 UK) in a store in Chinatown on Canal Street:

Luxury Shoes
197 Canal Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-2385

I just purchased a pair of adidas SL76 from Foot locker in London (only $30 at sale price) Very simliar to rom's, almost the same colouring as the zissou - even have the lighter blue middle stripe. All i need is the yellow laces. I'm sure you can pick these trainers up somewhere in the States??

sign me up for the petition and tell him im going to need at least 3 pairs

sign me up for the petition and tell him im going to need at least 3 pairs

There's a pair on ebay right now, really cheap.

There is a pair size us 11 on ebay right now ending 7/25/05, expensive and in the UK but look great.

copy that post by kyle/lordedmundo..

put me down on that petition id REALLY like 1 pair of the zissou edition and wouldnt want them not in exact form..or someone list where that petition is...if they release a sale of them that'd be tight..email me if u see it on there..

I´m from germany and can not download the TEAM ZISSOU RINGTONE. (US only) Is there someone who can mail me the midi file ?

thanks a lot

I'm from Italy and I'd like to have the midifile too (Team Zissou Ringtone). Not mp3, but midi. Can you help me too?

Thanks a lot, bye!

There are a bumch of zissou shoes on ebay right now but they look dumb with 4 stripes instead of 3. I bet they are not even adidas. Id rather make a pair myself.

This link has a pair of skateboarding shoes that I went ahead and "Life Aquatic'd" out with some paint markers...

Don't know naze but here it is again...

Damn anyone in california having any luck finding these shoes?

For one day only this friday US and Canadian Zissou Fans can get between $5 - $100 of from our Fantastic Range of Zissou T Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets and more!

For more information and to claim your discount, just vist

Give some love to the Zissou Fan you know this Christmas!!

DO you wish you could breath under water?

(sorry this is a bit of a plug... but it is a genuinly good offer!)

There is also a free Team Zissou Hat and Badge for the best Photo uploaded this month.. take a look at out Zissou Fan Gallery!

here are some ROM LINKS:


here's a pair of custom zissous on ebay:


Zissou shoes definatly a light blue stripe. i actually found a manufacturer of What looked like dodgy rip off team zissou shoes. Now the only problem is to find them in my girlfriends size...

Blue Adidas ROM Classics really are all sold out everywhere, its amazing. keep an eye on ebay, most of them seem to reside in Tokyo that I have found

And could you put me on the petition as well please.
Im gonna need a lifetime supply of UK 11 mens
and US Girl 5s

God this is getting desparate. I should get a proper hobby

here is another pair on ebay. these are size 10 mens.


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are u looking for shoes?

It looks like you can get the shoes on eBay, but i'm not sure that it's 100% legit. There are different sizes, too.

Found a pair going on eBay.co.uk @ http://tinyurl.com/2v5bcj

You'll be bidding against me though, they look freaking awesome :D

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Hey, would anyone like to join Team Zissou here in Minnesota? We're making an appearance at CONvergence. Additionally, we are looking for Life Aquatic clothing and accessories to borrow or buy. We'd even settle for intern stuff! go ahead and email us [email protected] (us - newbie members of Team Zissou)
Here's the info on CONvergence: (July 6-8, 2007 Bloomington, MN)


Very cool!

Thanks for your project. I like this site. KEEP IT UP...

More or less not much exciting happening today. I just don't have anything to say. More or less nothing seems worth bothering with.

I've just about given up on finding a pair of ROMs in ANY white color. I was even willing to buy the women's turqouise ROMs; but nobody has my size. That being said, I was just wondering what the consensus was around here as to what the next best style is. I think the Italia 74 isn't TOO far off, and with some elbow grease they could get pretty close.

What do you guys think is the best substitute?

Italia 74


Samba 2

Samba Millenium

Also I found a site that has the right style of laces http://www.heelingtouch.com/shop/index.php?shop=1&cat=8&source=google

Good site, thanks!t

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thank you!

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