I am taking some time off

To do some real writing. Maybe I will share some snippets of my work every once and awhile, but probably not.

holy shite

I just was watching Celebrity Fit Club and they showed a montage of Phil Margera at his gym. Who was his trainer? Freakin' Willie! They even had him talking and what not. Effing crazy, way to go Will!

they're back

The NHL lockout is over, my need for violence will be filled this winter. I am happy. In other sports news, the Philadelphia media, and our fair city's about Bobby Abreu setting some records in his in the MLB All-Star Shame home-run competition. My first thought was that good ole Bobby would have hit 0 home-runs if there was anyone standing on base. Its all well and good that dude can rock the ball when there is nothing but endorsements and a mention on SportsCenter on the line, but if I am in a big game and I need a clutch hit, Abreu is the last guy I want at the plate. That is the last mention of baseball you will see at H-List until the Fighting Phils ownership grows a set and kicks GM Ed Wade to the proverbial curb. Oh yeah, I saw Abreu on this profile they did of his NYC penthouse digs on Comcast SportsNet last week. The whole interview and subsequent walk through his apartment, he had one on those annoying Bluetooth wireless headsets on and was wearing, an I shit you not, see through shirt. The most awful, Jose Canesco shirt the 80s has every produced. I was forced to change the channel since I have no desire to see man nipples.

Umm, how does? Someone from Money should be polishing his/her resume right about now. On a side note, I did date this bipolar chick from Wexford in college, funny enough, I wish she never existed either.

Its been a while since I freaked about old people driving. Why do they drive so slow? In my narrow, slightly skewed viewpoint, they should be the ones driving fast. Reason 1, they should be weaving in and out of traffic, because at this point what else do they have to lose? Reason 2, they walk slow, you would think that would want to make it up on the road, right? Reason 3, I mean how much time do they have left, you would think they would try to do everything as fast as possible?

monday, monday

I lead a pretty boring life. My job provides 80% of the excitement of my life, and the other 20% has no excitement at all. Yeah, I know it makes no sense at all but I am going with it... Shut up. I am still convinced that Laguna Beach is not real. I mean how can it be? I mean the production on it destroys even the dramas that the WB is putting out. What kind of cameras are these dudes lugging around following these high school kids around. I skipped going to the beach this weekend and instead moped around my house all day wishing I wasn't agoraphobic or had a girlfriend or something. But today is monday and it is a new week and I am one weekend closer to the nursing home and the weird smells (like formaldyhyde and bed pans) that accompany it. I for one am not looking forward to being elderly, I mean the pureed food and the bingo are pretty appealling. But I don't know if I can handle the sitting around watching some weirdo at a piano conducting a sing-a-long with a bunch of zombies in wheelchairs that can stare at a salt shaker for like an hour on end. Plus all that Wheel of Fortune, I hate the effing Sajak. Who is the genius that told him he can conduct a talk show when his only on-screen qualifications are telling Vanna what letter the contestants said to turn.

They* launched today. The name is kind of hard to say. It looks like it might not be that bad, but it is doubtful that I can deal with the annoying pink background. I don't think that they can pull off reports of Eagles fans throwing snowballs with batteries in them at Santa Claus with a pink background. I don't think that would work. I am proud of being from Philadelphia, but I am glad I stopped pronouncing water, wooder. I sounded like an idiot.

Am I the only on who is baffled with the Paris Hilton+Paris Latsis thing. I mean do they call each other Paris or what. I always feel weird addressing someone that has the same first name as me so I can only imagine what the hell they do. This is further evidence that rich people are strange, any normal not filthy rich person would automatically disqualify any potential significant other that has the same first name. I mean what do you do when you call their place? Is Paris There? Not not you Paris, the other Paris. I mean are they both gonna have the same name when they get married? Too fucking weird. I don't know why I even think of such things, that is why I am lowly blogger instead of someone with significantly higher social status.

Did anyone catch Surreal Life? Holy crap that Gary Busey is one odd bird. I could definitely watch a show with only him. Dude is not operating on the same plane of existance as the rest of us. I had a link on the first incarnation of H-List like 5 years for and the webmaster cat sent me an email thanking me. Mr. Joshua indeed.

*They being the Gothamist Empire

thank god its sunday

I mean, who isn't excited to go to work tomorrow? Personally, I've been loving Sunday nights, easily best night of tv. I mean this is like the pinnacle of reality tv. It possibly can't get any better, it can only go down hill. The meatheads get their asses kicked on the Real World. The best Surreal Life cast ever. Hell even Celebrity Fit Club is good, and who knew Buddy Lembeck had all those tattoos. He is like one of those Japanese gangster dudes.

I have been strugglin with the time management thing since I started the new job. But I should be posting more regularly this week. Or it could be that I don't have any thing interesting to say, which is probably more likely.

Last night I thought about

Something witty to write, but at this point I just didn't feel doing it. I have been worried all day about a cousin that lives in London with her husband and new born baby. I just talked to her and everyone is safe.

what a crazy day

I peaced out of the S.I.C. a little early so I could catch the Live8 action on the steps of the Art Museum. What a show, Steve Wonder was bananas, even if he did have annoying Rob Thomas and Adam Levine sing with him. Heck even Destiny's Child let the rotating member sing a little. I am also sure all the people that paid money for the DMB show later this week will be happy he played before a million people for free today, because after all it was a good cause.

Ok, I am totally lying. I watched it on TV. It was still kinda good. I took 95 all the way around the city on the way home to avoid the travelling mass of free concert-goers and sat in the cool comfort of my air conditioned lab watching the festivities.

How was the vacation? Well, it was overcast every flippin day and I didn't get to the beach once. Which is just about par for the course when it comes to me and my vacations. I did go to the $1 for 3 taco night at the O.D. so that was good.

My sister bought me a pair of yellow sneaker while I was away. Yellow sneakers. They are totally scene and while I appreciate the sentiment and the fact that it is the first time in 25 years she ever randomly bought me something,it does pose some problems. Namely the fact that myself and every other color-blind individual tend to stay away from loud colored articles of clothing for the simple fact that I can't tell if I look like an idiot or not, which usually means I look like an idiot. Oh, and I have the sneaking though un-confirmed suspicion that she is trying to get my parents on Trading Spaces. She is truly evil.

I didn't go to see War of the Worlds because, well, I am an agoraphobic. I did read what happens over at The Movie Spoiler, so I really don't need to see it anyway. Ratner is still an idiot, now he is trying to cast someone to , on the worst characters in X-Men history for X3. Of all the freaking characters. Dude is an idiot.

i'm off

For my vacation for a week, in the S.I.C., I will be alternately sitting on the beach and my deck overlooking the bay. I will be thinking about all you sorry saps sitting in your cubicles all week dealing with annoying people. I am all ready to go, I got my case of Fiji Water, my case of Hoegaarten, a bunch of DVDs, and an iPod full of podcasts.

Holy crap, I didn't know was illegal? I grew up working in an ice rink and I didn't think you could drive a Zamboni without doing a shot of Old Grandad first, what is the world coming to? Old A**hole George would be mighty pissed about not being able to get sauced up before a nice ice cleaning.

has the for . You heard it here first, this will be THE BEST and most controversial movie based on a comic book ever. Even if Natalie Portman is bald. The King Kong is up. Can the killer cast save this one? I doubts it. Deserted Island, prehistoric animals, crooked-ass individuals looking for a profit, didn't Spielberg already do this one?

Got my t-shirts from today. I can say the most comfortable shirts ever. Gotta run.


Okay it goes like this. I recently quit my job. Nothing earth shattering, I am leaving on good terms. The thing is, when I gave my notice, I in all honestly thought they would just say, "good luck, you can leave". In the past 4 years that I have been there, anytime someone quit, they just let them clean out their desk and peace out. But not for me, I had to come in an extra week for no other purpose than to deny me a week sitting my deck overlooking the bay at the shore house. But hey, I offered 2 weeks, I should be glad they only made me do one. So what does a lame duck employee do in his last week? Well, today I had to get up and fight traffic to answer the damn phone and shred paperwork like I was some kind of intern at Enron. It is going to be the longest week ever.Everyone is asking me if I am short timer. I am like what the eff that that mean. If it means I just go in to work and sit in my office an look at the scene kids on and read in preparation for my Jeopardy appearance, then yes I am.

That show with Phoebe on HBO, The Comeback, is so horrible I can't believe it got greenlighted. Total torture televison [total unnecessary use of illiteration]. It is like something the military would make the prisoners at Gitmo watch. Who else saw the Real World Austin premiere? I haven't seen a beating in the street that bad since 1992.

Okay, is anyone actually going to go to Live 8? I know I sure as hell will be as far away from that mess as possible. How the hell are they going to have a concert that big in front of the Art Museum? I was too young to remember the last Live Aid concert, all I remember was that it was at the old JFK Stadium. That place was flippin huge. My parents used to take me to some show with motorcylce cops doing stunts there I think. I repressed those memories. I do remember that Hands Across America thing, but all I can recollect was standing in some field with my parents and a thousand other idiots holding hands.

I need to grab some new kicks. The place I usually go to is Ubiq on Walnut street, but I always feel like a douche there. It is on the total scene block, where you have your hipster stores, like Puma and Diesel. When I am down there, I am always in a suit for work, so all the little scenesters look at me like a complete tool.

I remember when came out on video. It was the summer and me, Timmy, and the Geek thought we were expert rollerbladers, and out on some sick jumps. I was stupid. I used to think that chick in the movie was the epitome of hotness. That is until I saw her on Boy Meets World show, where she played some teenage single mother. I associated her with chick with baggage from that moment on.

New X3 rumors have hit the internet, this time around there will be . Which I like because he always seemed to me to be an annoying character. I automatically don't like things that only have 3 digits per hand/foot. I have this uncle who is missing a couple of fingers. He lost them in some kind of industrial accident. Weird thing is that his daughter, my cousin, went and stuck her hand in a fan and had the same 2 fingers cut off. Don't know if she did it on purpose. It wouldn't suprise me, if you grow up in a house where there is a collection of all the special editon cans of PBR (before PBR was hip again), anything is possible. Is it me or does everyone have a branch of their familly in which there seems to be a missing chromosome. You know where everyone is butt-ass ugly and lives their life in some alternate reality where a good restaurant is Old Country Buffet and giving someone the same sweatshirt with an iron-on cat every year is their idea of a good christmas gift.

What was your favorite house of the sitcoms when you were growing up? For me it is toss-up between Silver Spoons and Webster. The train and that remote control front door that Ricky Stratton rocked were pretty sweet, but I would probably have to go for Webster. They had that house where he had all those trap doors, like the one time burglars tried to rob his 4 foot ass after his parents went away. He elluded them for the whole half an hour using his trap doors. I dig trap doors.

Okay now I am rambling.

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